Tour The Tiny House Village

See What Real Down-Sizing is All About!

By K.L. Thomsen

If you have ever walked through a Tiny House, you know what small space excitement is. We've invited some premier manufacturers of these extraordinary structures to join us at the Show. You'll be able to tour the latest Tiny Mountain House, a special entry from Athens Park Homes and more.  Don't miss the unique Dome Creation that has many applications.

The “live small” trend has captured worldwide attention and California is no exception. Think about your home and all your possessions. Could you live in as little as say, 400 sq. ft.? A lot of people think so when they free themselves from the “possession life” to enjoy living. A tiny dwelling doesn’t mean you have to throw away your teapot collection or your favorite books and videos because every inch of hidden space in these micro homes accommodates storage.

One of the homes you will tour!

One of the homes you will tour!

Affordability is another factor – a consideration of first-time home buyers and millennials. How about $30,000 for a home built to order with everything? Or go for all the extra bells and ultimate whistles and spend as much as you want to spend. If finding a place to park your little dwelling is difficult, there are tiny house communities springing up everywhere.

Just curious? Then our Home Show is the place to enjoy a walk-through.

Custom building your tiny house means you can have it your way. If you don’t plan to downsize and don’t want to simplify your lifestyle, then do what many are doing. They are acquiring a tiny house as a guest house, an office, an added bedroom, a vacation get-away or a mother-in-law cottage! Most tiny houses are built on what you could call a flatbed trailer. This means they are easy to relocate or take along on your next vacation.

See what all the hoopla is about. Talk to the tiny house builders. Find out why home builders and contractors are talking about the newest thing since condos. Why home buyers are going tiny. Why these little dwellings are finding endless uses in back yards and vacation spots everywhere. Come tour the Tiny House Village at the Napa-Solano Home & Garden Show, Friday April 28th through Sunday April 30th.

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